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Support for Tubercolosis identified patients

To help the differently-abled people of the target area and support them to lead a better Socio-Economic life.
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  • To create awareness and capacity building of the disabled, their parents, staff, teachers, community& Government Officials regarding Disability

  • Ensure active participation of the disabled and their parents through leadership training.

  • To create a wider support system by promoting SHG s for the handicapped persons.

  • Encourage to develop skills, through skill upgradation training programmes, of the disabled persons.


We identified 83 handicapped patients from 12 villages through the survey. Among them, we supported 51 persons who belong to poor strata with nutritional and health care. Whereas others attended different training programs.


Every month we visited the handicapped persons and they were given milk powder & other nutritional items. Those whom we find weak and sought medical care were brought to Dayasagar Hospital, Kusumkot for treatment. Mr. Yogesh Benshod who was living in a very poor condition was rehabilitated to Poor Servants of Divine Providence, Nagpur-where people with disabilities are cared for. Five of them were taken to Government Health Department to get the disability certificate and it is under process whereas four of them who sought a bus concession pass were assisted to get it.  Four of them were provided walk stick, a walker and blind walk stick. 51 patients were given nutritional and medical support

Skill Upgradation

  • Mobile Repairing: We organized one mobile repairing session for boys with disabilities. 12 persons benefitted from this one-month program. They were day scholars and after their training, they were given kits to do the work in their own respective villages. They are doing it in their village and earning their livelihood. Certificates were issued to them.

  • Tailoring Centre: We could give residential two months of training to 20 girls with disabilities and they were given tailoring machines and accessories. Certificates were issued. They are developing their skills and earning their livelihood in their villages.

  • Niradhar Anudhan Yogana Certificate: We could help those disabled persons who have no disability certificate to get it done and link them to Niradhar Anudhan Yojna which provides Rs.600/- per month.

International Day of Disability

We celebrated International day of disability on 2nd December even though it falls on 3rd December. The importance of the day was explained to the participants. 60 persons including children and elders participated in the program. Cultural programs were also organized for the disabled. New terminology ‘Divyang’ given by the Honorable Prime Minister of India to the disabled was described to the participants.

Training and Capacity building programs
  • Training to the project staff on Community Based Rehabilitation: Two days of training programs were conducted for the staff on community-based rehabilitation (CBR). Government officials from the Government department gave the session. CBR is concerned with community action, which guarantees the same rights and opportunities for everyone, including persons with disabilities in order to maximize the full potential of everyone in the community. Motivational movies on persons with disabilities who came up in life were shown to them to inspire the village communities.

  • Capacity building program for the parents of  Persons with Disabilities (PWD): Parents of the PWD’s were called and training were given to them. They share the concerns about child-rearing and about education and their additional concerns related to their children's disabilities We listen to their problems and support them in various ways like medication, giving guidance and counseling, inspirational movies, motivational sessions, etc. Their groups are formed according to the distance of the village. Once a month their gatherings are kept and they share their experiences and it is a great support to the parents and the persons with disabilities.

  • Awareness to the school teachers: Teachers of the schools of the target villages were given awareness through Block Resource Coordinators of  Dharni Block in two sessions. The need for a special school was always mentioned. Since there are no Special Schools in this locality, teachers were of the opinion to send the students with disabilities to Special Schools of the nearby township. Parents were encouraged to send their children to Special schools. But in spite of all the motivational sessions parents were not daring to send them to distant places. They want their children to study in their village schools.

  • Networking with Govt. & Non. Govt. Officials & Interface programs with ICDS, PHC, SSA, PRI members, and Health departments: We had different programs with the Government. We collaborated with the department and other NGOs to conduct a camp for the disabled under Niradhar Anudhan Yojna. . Documents required for State Disability Pension, Bus concession, Insurance, and Educational Scholarship was collected and submitted to the Government Department.

  • Group management &Leadership training for SHG leaders of PWD: Two Self Help Groups were formed and training on different topics was given to them.

  • Awareness creation on disabilities to village community: Village communities were given training on disability. Motivational videos were shown to them and awareness on Niradhar Anudhan Yojna, the need for a special school, etc were given to them. Encouraged the village community to support the families where there are persons with disabilities.
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