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The Family sponsorship programme is one of the key programmes of Dayasagar Social Centre. The programme aims at improving the social, educational and economic life of the supported families. Within this programme, we support families of different villages. They are been selected for the support of 6 years with the monthly support of a fixed amount. We are also in touch with 100 beneficiaries who were supported for six years through Save A Family Programme (SAFP). Save A Family Program aims to reduce poverty and bring about socio-economic development which is self-sustaining. Through this program, the families are helped to come up in life through various social upliftment programs. This reduces dependence on local money lenders or other exploitative middlemen for money. It also reduces practices like land/asset mortgage, advance crop selling and other income-reducing activities. Formation and strengthening of SHG’s for SAFP women into develop saving structure in rural areas, to fulfil emergency requirements of the family and society, to avail loans for various activities, to break the vicious circle of local money lenders, to reduce unnecessary spending, empowerment of women in rural areas, to develop supervision abilities on Govt. run programmers of the villages, to avail Entitlements & Govt. schemes, and to promote women flock to attend Gram Sabhas. Different training programs are given to the beneficiaries on different topics like organic farming, various Government schemes, health & hygiene, social responsibility, educating their children etc has brought a lot of changes in their mind set-up. They are incorporated into the Self Help Group. This program has become a change agent in the life of  100 Korku families. They are helped with many income generation programs like rearing of oxen, petty shops,rearing of cows, cobbler's shop, engine and pipe shops, Sound system repairing shops, goat rearing, etc.

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