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The overarching aim of DSC during this reporting period was to enable CBO members to understand and be confident in their rights, working together to demand and secure these entitlements. DSC did this by

  • Training CBO members about their rights under the key thematic areas :  responsible parents in the future & importance of age factor in marriage & Career guidance, Training on Sex education , sexually transmitting disease and HIV/ AIDS, Women Empowerment Programme, How to  form a Self-Help Group, How to mobilize and manage SHG Savings & How to frame Rules and Regulations of SHGs groups , How to educate SHG members about their Responsibilities?  How to train SHGs in Bookkeeping and Accounting?  How to develop Leadership in SHGs?, Moral Classes and values of life, Annual Talent competition.

  • Supporting CBO’s to lead public information campaigns and advocacy events in their communities such as rallies, interactive meetings, and public hearings to teach others about their rights.

  • Helping CBO members to carry out community-based monitoring of services and to speak out to the relevant authorities when service providers are not meeting their service obligations.

  • Strengthening the confidence of CBO members to participate in meetings with local governance at village and Panchayat (local self-governance system) level to advocate for their rights and for more inclusive policies and practices.

  • CBO’s of socially excluded groups were formed like  like Women’s Self-Help Groups , Children’s Parliaments , Disabled People’s Organizations & Leprosy patients Organization

  • Helping CBO members to get different entitlements and the Government Schemes.

  • To organize the youth we organize block level volleyball tournament for the youth in memory of Blessed Martyr Rani Maria


Children' Clubs are formed in many villages in order to strengthen their physical, mental, academic psychological and communitarian capacities. Existing Children’s clubs are strengthened through various training programmes. They took part in various cultural programmes organized in the villages and won prizes. Rotation of goats programme is conducted in which the goat is rotated from one Children’s club to another.  Children’s club at Uttavali prepared a cultural item during Christmas and presented it in Bulori, Bod, Didamda, Chetar, Hatnada & Uttavali. Various training programmes and seminars were conducted every year like "How to increase the curiosity of reading in the children?", "Independent India & Children’s Right ", "Moral Values & Importance of Children in the Society", "Practice of Cultural Programmes", etc ...


Youth Clubs are formed in many villages in order to strengthen their physical, mental, academic psychological and communitarian capacities. Youth Meeting was done every month in all the target villages and various programmes under Nehru Yuva Kendra were discussed and implemented. We organize block-level volleyball and kabaddi tournaments every year for the youth. This is done in honour of Servant of God Rani Maria. More than thirty village groups used to participate in it. The First prize-winning team was facilitated by giving away Rani Maria Memorial Rolling Trophy and a cash award. The other winners were given sports jerseys with the help of Nehru Yuva Kendra, a central Government organization. Our Youth Club members participate in different block and district level competitions. Many times our youth won first prize in the District level tribal dance competition.


We have formed Women Groups in various villages to reach out to them to improve their socio-economic life. 


We have formed Farmer's group in the target villages helping them to receive different Government schemes and subsidies. More than 2000 farmers are part of these groups and hence more than 2000 families are benefitting from this. The following are some of the Schemes our farmers got benefitted through our help:

1. Control of Pest Scheme by Government Agricultural Officer, Kusumkot.

2. Natural Pulse Protection Scheme by Government Agricultural Officer, Kusumkot.

3. Tribal H.D.P.I Pipe Scheme for Farmers by Tribal Development Office, Dharni.

4. Solar Pump Scheme by Maharashtra State Electricity Board.

5. Maharashtra State Electricity Board by Panchayat Samiti, Dharni.

6. Prime minister’s cooking gas connection by Hindustan Petroleum Agencies, Dharni.

Different training programmes were conducted on Seeds, insurance, fertilizers, modern agriculture practices, organic manure, information regarding different Govt. Schemes, regarding the seeds to be sowed in the field, and seed distribution. Farmer’s Meeting was done every month and various problems were discussed and steps were taken to solve them. The villages Bod & Didamda were declared as “Liquor banned villages” and we could get involved in it to implement it in its full swing.


Training to the project staff on Community Based Rehabilitation: Two days training programs were conducted for the staff on community based rehabilitation (CBR). Government officials from Government department gave the session. CBR is concerned with community action, which guarantees the same rights and opportunities for everyone, including persons with disabilities in order to maximize the full potential of everyone in the community. Motivational movies on persons with disabilities who came up in life were shown to them to inspire the village communities.


Awareness  to the school  teachers  :Teachers of the schools of the target villages were given awareness through Block Resource Coordinators of  Dharni Block in two sessions. Need of special school was always mentioned. Since there is no Special Schools in this locality, teachers were of the opinion to send the students with disability to Special Schools of the nearby township. Parents were encouraged to send their children to Special schools. But in spite of all the motivational sessions parents were not daring to send them to distant places. They want their children to study in their village schools.


Group management &Leadership training for SHG leaders of PWD: Two Self Help Groups were formed and trainings on different topics were given to them. We conduct motivational training programs, training programs on how to acquire disability certificate, training programs related to health and hygiene of PWD, Group management programs, etc.


Awareness creation on disabilities to village community: Village communities were given training on disability. Motivational videos were shown to them and awareness on Niradhar Anudhan Yojna, need of special school etc were given to them. Encouraged the village community to support the families where there are persons with disability.


Capacity building programme for the parents of  Persons with Disabilities (PWD): Parents of the PWD’s were called and trainings were given to them. They share the concerns about child-rearing and about education and their additional concerns related to their children's disabilities We listen to their problems and support them in various ways like medication, giving guidance and counseling, inspirational movies, motivational sessions etc. Their groups are formed according to the distance of the village. Once in a month their gatherings are kept and they share their experiences and it is a great support to the parents and the persons with disabilities.


Networking with Govt. & Non.Govt.Officials & Interface programmes with ICDS, PHC, SSA, PRI members and Health departments: We had different programmes with the Government. We collaborated with the department and other NGO’s to conduct a camp for the disabled under Niradhar Anudhan Yojna. . Documents required for State Disability Pension, Bus concession, Insurance and Educational Scholarship were collected and submitted to the Government Department.

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